101 Tips on Becoming Great

“I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.” – Muhammad Ali  

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Ever since I got out of high school I have been keeping track of anything I come across which I think could benefit me. Whether it is a saying, an insight, or a different way of viewing the world, I was looking for anything which might help me to become better. Over the years, I have accumulated notebooks and spreadsheets full of things categorized by different topics. I want to share as much as I can with you.

Many of these tips are things I figured out on my own, a lot are quotes and ideas I came across over years of reading, listening and thinking. I tried to give credit where credit is due, but many ideas are without attribution only because I did not write them down at the time and came back to them after some reflection.

I hope one or two ideas might change the way you view the world and your life and I hope that there is something in my writings which will help you become the best you.


1) To reach greatness I must let the Universe lead me to it, not me or my ego


2) “As long as you live keep learning how to live” – Seneca


3) “Dare to Be Naive” – Buckminster Fuller on becoming wise


4) “Courage is a muscle that can be built up” – Theodore Roosevelt


5) After success is the most dangerous time, because it allows you to rest and to believe that the formula is correct. It might not be. Always be willing to start from scratch after every success.


6) All the fears and challenges are not with anything in the world, they are inside of me. If I can battle them and win, my success will follow.


7) Always act confident and confidence will come.


8) Always be a graceful loser, people remember it.


9) Always be free to reinvent yourself.


10) Always give a positive label to whatever I am doing.


11) Always pretend that I am 7 and I don’t have to go to school even though it’s a school day. What would I do today? This creates more creativity and better thinking.


12) Always welcome change.


13) Anything I don’t fully enjoy I will never be great at.


14) Avoid extreme ideology.


15) Avoid people who use the word “Should”. Such as “The world Should be a certain way”. They are not mature and do not accept life and its circumstances.


16) Be an Artist. Create something even if it’s not very good.


17) Be aware of same race bias. We are more likely to believe someone of the same race regardless of the facts.


18) Be comfortable being uncomfortable.


19) Be comfortable in not knowing what will happen next.


20) Be open to anything, don’t dismiss any new idea right away.


21) Be patient. Anything that I want and don’t yet have is due to me not accepting it in my subconscious yet.


22) Before attempting something write down all the excuses I can come up with and then write down why those excuses are bullshit.


23) Big people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about people.


24) “Biggest hinderance to reach greatness is ego sensitivity to finding out if you are right or wrong and identifying ones strengths and weaknesses” – Ray Dalio


25) Champions are made when nobody is watching.


26) Confidence comes from doing things that go against the grain of society and being comfortable with it. Break out of the “This is what is expected” routine.


27) Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyways.


28) Don’t be realistic – dream the crazy dreams.


29) Don’t avoid things I fear. Admit it and take steps.


30) Don’t focus on things I can’t change.


31) Don’t mistake my traits for who I am. I am a fluid entity, be willing to change.


32) Don’t trade comfort for change. Be willing to let go of the comfort of the familiar (crappy job, bad relationship) for change. The ability to let go of toxic comfort quickly determines success.


33) Don’t try to be too perfect. That energy takes away from creative energy I need.


34) Embrace my fears fully. “Hug the Monster”.


35) Face your fear and the death of fear is near.


36) Fill my life with sensual pleasures of all kind.


37) God is in the uncertainty.


38) Hard work is only hard work if it has no meaning.


39) Ask how would I live my life if nobody ever told me how to live my life?


40) I can do a lot if I just look past the fear and see what’s on the other side.


41) I need to be open to all possibilities. Be open to other possible realities.


42) In any endeavor he who loves it the most usually wins.


43) In order to get something I first need it to feel natural.


44) It’s easier to avoid trouble than get out of it.


45) Key to life is to learn to be comfortable in the uncertainty of life.


46) Leaders need to know when to become followers, and followers need to know when to become leaders.


47) Live everyday like I just started over; be free and feel excited about trying new things.


48) Make eye contact with everyone especially people of authority.


49) Never be afraid to die because you’re born to die.


50) Never try to impress other people by imitating them, it just creates a weaker version of them and they will hate you since it represents their insecurities.


51) Nothing great ever comes into the world without enthusiasm.


52) People who are great always take the blame and know why things went wrong when they do. Average people lay blame. Always have a good idea and a plan and look honestly why a plan might not have worked.


53) People who are successful have a clear vision on what they need to do and can picture themselves doing it even if they have never done it before. Do the same.


54) Push myself hard and then tell myself I am the best.


55) Push myself outside my comfort zone each day.


56) Receive with simplicity everything that happens to you.


57) Relive each day and see what I would have done differently and replay the good version in my mind.


58) Resist Nothing.


59) See myself as the best person I want to become and commit to it fully.


60) Seek enthusiasm and passion for life.


61) Studies show that people perform better when relaxed. So try staying relaxed in stressful situations.


62) Surround myself with beauty.


63) Surround myself with people better than me and role models.


64) Take what I want to happen and in detail write in out to make in happen that way.


65) The abundance of things I receive is normal. It’s the way things should be.


66) The best predictor of success is optimism. Always focus on being optimistic.


67) The big stuff is just as easy to manifest as the small stuff. It’s all in feeling worthy of it.


68) The key to life is to lose larger and larger battles. It means I am learning.


69) The most dangerous circumstance is getting comfortable cheating a little, since it leads to big cheats.


70) The only thing that keeps me from getting anything I want is the story I tell myself about it.


71) The secret to life is not to take your life personally.


72) The voice that I talk to myself in my head determines my mood. So use calm positive voice.


73) There are no good or bad people only teachers.


74) There’s nobody here to save me. To get what I want I have to go out and get it myself.


75) Thinking you are the shit or a piece of shit, takes the same amount of ego energy.


76) To be a leader, strive for excellence have a vision be more passionate and be willing to take on the worst jobs.


77) To be good at anything you can’t rely on what you did in the past. You can never look back. Don’t get attached to the past.


78) To be great at something you must be clear and view it as something playful and fun with no negative thoughts.


79) To decide if I should do something distract myself and then think of the problem again and go with the gut instinct at that time. Scientists found this is the most accurate way to come to a correct decision.


80) To feel like I own the room. Walk in and pretend to touch all 4 walls with my hands. Breathe in the space.


81) To get something, picture it clearly in your mind while smiling and meditate on it.


82) To go anywhere first I have to be most brutally honest about my current situation because then I will improve.


83) To have a great life assume that everyone you meet is your friend and wants only the best for you.


84) To overcome fear of something, act like you are not afraid of it and soon it will be so.


85) Try new ways of thinking about what I want to improve. I can always go back to the old ways of thinking if it does not work out.


86) We are what we think. Think positive things.


87) Whatever I am lacking, write how grateful I am about it and that others have it.


88) Whatever I focus on will grow, focus on positive things.


89) When arguing appeal to interest not logic.


90) Whenever I gossip I pull myself down not the other person. If I catch myself gossiping always end with something positive to say about that person.


91) Whenever I am trying something scary. Stay with it until the fear and anxiety is reduced at least by half.


92) When someone gets what I want be happy for them. That’s the only way to get it.


93) When talking to a stranger, be positive in describing anyone, they will then assign those qualities to you.


94) Write down all things that hold me back.


95) Write down things that I want in personal terms and read it when I wake up and when I go to sleep.


96) You can always push yourself to do more. If someone else was pushing me (coach) I would do a lot more. Be that coach to myself.


97) You can only learn from a mistake you admit.


98) You can only take on a strong position when you can argue for the opposite of what you believe better than the person who supports that idea.


99) You have to be willing to get to the truth so badly that you are willing to humiliate yourself to get it.


100) You need to be able to give up freely the thing you want the most.


101) You only start living when you lose the fear of dying.


Michael Page

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