Seeing Through the Matrix – The Difference Between What You Think You Want And What You Truly Want.

You can’t always get what you want” – Rolling Stones

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One of the most important underlying points of my writings is the idea that to be successful, you have to view the world and yourself differently. You need to be able to see through the matrix. In other words, if you think like everyone else, you will get the results of everyone else. To get extraordinary results, you need to think differently and only after that, everything else will follow.

The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like.” If you think positively, you will get positive results; if you think negatively, you will get negative results. Many people mistake that to mean that the universe is there to give them that which they desire. I have not found that to be totally true. I have found that the universe is not there to give you what you desire, but instead is there to give you what you desire, but can at the same time handle.

Let’s take the two areas that I have had abundance in: women and money. If you ask a typical man to list out what things they desire most, I can almost guarantee that women and money would be somewhere in the top five. But if that is the case, why is the law of attraction not working in their favor? Why are most people living in scarcity, not abundance when it comes to their dating life and money? The answer is that the Law of Attraction IS working, but it is giving them what they truly desire and what would make them happy, not what they think they desire and what they think would make them happy.

Let’s take women, for example. If you ask a typical guy if he would want to date a swimsuit model, almost all will say “yes.” But the truth of the matter is that the true answer is NO. An average guy would not be able to date a woman who is too far out of his league. And by league, I do not mean looks, I mean personal and sexual confidence. When an average guy dates a truly beautiful woman, even if the woman is really into him, he eventually finds a way to sabotage the relationship. The guy usually starts getting jealous and becomes more and more controlling till the relationship disintegrates. I have seen this over and over and over again. So when the average guy says he wants to date a truly beautiful woman, the fact is that subconsciously he does not. What he truly wants and what he thinks he wants are two completely different things.

Let’s look at money. Everyone says they want to be rich, but is that the truth? The answer again is NO.

Let’s look at lotto winners. If you asked every single lotto winner before they hit the jackpot if they wanted to be rich, I can guarantee that 100 percent of them would have said “yes.” Yet almost 70 percent of lotto winners will go broke [1] after they become rich. Why does this happen? It happens because when people who don’t have a prosperity consciousness come into large amount of money, they tend to get rid of it quickly because subconsciously they feel more comfortable and happier being poor. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but the stats do not lie. What they truly want and what they think they want are two completely different things.

So if you live in scarcity and feel that you want to be rich and date beautiful women, the truth of the matter is that you subconsciously probably don’t, else you would already have it. If both of those things fell into your lap tomorrow, there’s a very large chance that you would find a way to sabotage it and be right back where you are now. But that is what is so great about how the universe works. The universe is really there to serve you. It gives you what you truly want, not what you think you want. And what’s even better is that to get what you want in life, the most important thing that is required of you is for you to change your thinking.

You need to feel deserving of the things you truly want and make them the things you want. The quicker you can align what you truly want and what you want, the quicker they will come into your life. The quicker you can get rid of any negative connotations you might have, no matter how small towards that which you want, the quicker you will have it.

For me, affirmations and visualizations are the best way I found to make that happen, and I attribute the majority of my success to it. I will have more to say on affirmations and visualizations in later articles.

In life, you probably won’t get what you want, but you will get what you truly want, feel deserving of and can handle, and it will usually come with very little effort.

Change your thinking, and everything will fall into place. Start seeing through the matrix.

Michael Page


1. Financial planners: Winning the lottery isn’t always a dream

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The Fear of Having Nothing is What Keeps you from Having Everything

“The nine-to-five is one of the greatest atrocities sprung upon mankind. You give your life away to a function that doesn’t interest you. This situation so repelled me that I was driven to drink, starvation, and mad females, simply as an alternative.” – Charles Bukowski

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There’s an old military term that I love called “Hug The Monster”. It means fully embracing and fully facing that which scares you. “The monster” is obvious when you have to repel from a helicopter or jump out of a plane but it becomes a bit murkier when the “Monster” is constant and more persistent.

One such “monster” is the fear of going broke, being homeless and having nothing. People will often stay at jobs they despise for the fear that they will fail, go broke and wind up on the street if they take a risk and pursue their dreams. So they stay in jobs in which they are under paid and which they hate, they become comfortable in their quite misery.

The constant fear of going broke is what keeps a lot of people from being rich. It not only keeps you stagnant in life but it also creates a negative relation to money.

I found that money came a lot easier to me once I lost the fear of being broke. Till I faced and hugged the monster, only to realize that there was nothing to fear all along.

Why would that be? Why did money come to me so much easier and in more abundance once I lost the fear of not having any? My answer is that once you remove the thing that has power over you, you start to have power over it.

Here’s a best example I can come up with.

Let’s say that you had a piece of 2X4 wood plank laying on the ground and you had to walk across it. No problem there, it’s easy you can do it all day everyday. You might even think walking back and forth on it is fun. You have nothing but positive feeling about it.

Now let’s suspend the same plank between two building 20 stories high.

How harder and scarier would it be for you now to cross the same plank?

Why would that be? After all it is still the same wood plank? The answer is that your fear of falling keeps you from making it happen with ease. Money works the same way. Your fear of “falling” or going broke keeps you stuck and prevents you from making it with ease and creates negative and scary feelings about it. Once you remove the fear that going broke has over you, money flows a lot easier to you. Your fear of going broke is you keeping that plank 20 stories high instead of on the ground.

So how do we remove the fear of going broke, how do we hug the monster? Here are some ideas and concepts that I discovered along the way which really helped:

  1. There’s no shame in being poor.
    When I was poor, for the longest time, I thought that having nothing and being poor was somehow shameful.  It meant that you are lazy or stupid.  That all changed for me once I discovered the writings of Jack Kerouac and Charles Bukowski.  Jack Kerouac’s book On The Road  and the writings of Charles Bukowski made being poor and broke seem beautiful, almost romantic.  I realized that there is no shame in having nothing and if having nothing is all there is, it’s not so bad.  I stopped caring what others thought of me.  As long as I can live my life, my way, then being free but being broke is still better than being rich while a slave to someone else.  It’s a great gift that I discovered both of these writers just before the time that I started to have abundance with money.  (I don’t think that it is a coincidence, but then nothing in life ever is)
  1. A dollar a day keeps the “Monster” away.
    Most “Monsters” are self-made.  The fear of going broke is very real when you have bills to pay each month and you don’t know how or where that money will come from.  If your income has varied a great deal over the years and over those same years you still found yourself being broke at the end of each month, that is not a circumstance that is a choice.  A subconscious choice but a choice none the less.  It’s you selecting to spend money and not save in order to recreate the same situation over and over again.  The more you can save,the less scary the “Monster” becomes.   Save, save and save.  Each dollar you have saved is you lowering that plank from twenty stories high, putting it closer and closer to the ground.
  1. Realize that the universe usually always takes care of you.
    If you haven’t figured it out yet, you deserve to be here and that everything will be alright?  How many times have you been flat broke, not sure how you are going to make the rent or your car payment?  Unexpectedly, you get a check from some place which is just enough for you to cover your payments.  How many times has that happened to you?  How many more times does it need to happen before you realize that you will be ok?  How much time and energy have you spent over the years worrying, fretting, agonizing over being broke when all along everything always works out?  How much power have you given to your “Monster” only to realize that you were safe all along?


  2. It’s usually never as bad as you fear.
    Let’s just say that all your worst fears do come true – You’re evicted from your home, you’re broke on the street and you have nothing.  Now what?  The answer is that even then, everything will still be ok.  The worst is usually never as bad as your fear.  If you wake up tomorrow with amnesia and find yourself on some deserted road in the middle of nowhere, without a penny in your pocket, no friends, no past or identity, you would still be ok.  You would make new friends and have new opportunities, establish new connections and create a new life for yourself.  You would not starve to death, you would not die.  Somehow you would get food, you would find shelter.  The universe would take care of you.  Having nothing is not the end, it’s only the beginning.
So remove your fears, hug the “Monster” and realize that it’s your fear of having nothing that has kept you from having so much more in life.  That is not to say that if you pursue your dreams you will be successful or rich, but it does mean that you will be broke and miserable if you stay where you are now.  Take the step and you will see that there are no “Monsters”
Michael Page

Here is Bono reading Charles Bukowski poem called “Roll the Dice”
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Gambler’s Ruin – Life as a Coin Toss

“You can do a lot in a lifetime if you don’t burn out too fast.” – Rush

(Photo: Pauli Antero)

One of the most common mistakes I see entrepreneurs and everyday people make, is not building up their cash fund and assuming that the present economic conditions will continue into the future. In business I often see companies who over expand and go under once the economy or their business takes a turn for the worse. They fail due to lack of reserves needed to weather the storm.

I often see people who get a raise and right away start increasing their spending instead of increasing their savings. Once hard times hit they find themselves a paycheck away from losing their house and everything they worked for because they failed to save and assumed that the current good times will last forever.

To demonstrate this I want to introduce the concept of “Gambler’s Ruin”. It’s also part of the reason why Las Vegas exists. Let’s say tomorrow a very rich man comes to you and says he wants to have a coin flipping contest. Heads he gives you a dollar, tails you give him a dollar. You think about it and see that since your odds are 50/50 there’s really no point of you playing this game. The rich man then announces that he would sweeten the pot for you. He makes the following rules:

  • You will play for $1 per coin toss but all you can put in is $5 and no more, so the most you can lose is $5 when the game ends, on the other hand the most he can lose is $1,000,000.

  • He will use a trick coin where heads comes up 51% of the time, meaning that the trick coin is in your favor.

  • He will use 1,000,000 coin tosses.

You think about the odds; since statistically on average heads should come up 51 times out of 100 throws means that on average you stand to make $2 with each 100 tosses ($51 you win if heads – $49 you lose if tails = $2). Since the game will go on for 1,000,000 tosses, you would stand to gain, on average, $20,000 ($2 gain per 100 tosses = $20,000 for 1,000,000 tosses). You think about it and see that this is a great deal so you decide to play! Was this really a good idea?

The answer is maybe, maybe not. It is almost a given (about 82% chance) that you would lose. Why? Because sooner or later the coin toss would turn against you and you would lose your $5. Once you do the game is over since the rules stipulated that you can’t put in more than $5 while the rich man can keep playing and playing even if he’s behind for a while.

(Geek Alert: I show all work below)

So even if the odds are deeply in your favor you would still lose due to lack of funds and not being able to continue playing if the randomness of the coin turns against you. (This is also why in Vegas the house usually always wins, not only are the odds stacked against you but eventually you run out of money while waiting for the odds to turn in your favor. The casino can stay solvent much longer than you.)

The same concept is mirrored in life, even if you have a good money making system or a good income. Without a good money cushion, which you need to be protected, you are very likely to lose. The rules are the same in business and finance; once you are broke it is game over.

To me true financial wealth is not measured by what you have but what you could have if you wanted it. In other words the only money that counts are liquid assets not your cars, swimming pools or designer clothes. Since most everything you buy loses at least 50% of its value if you had to sell it. It’s crucially important to have a financial cushion in order to be protected against any harsh surprises which may (and will) come your way. You cannot control life’s flip of the coin but you can protect yourself to make sure that you live to play another day.

Michael Page

Geek Notes:
How to calculate your chance of going broke in a 51% coin toss with 1,000,000 tosses if you start with $5. (Gambler’s Ruin)

The number of played games is 1 million. So the possibility of being ruined goes like this
n1 = 5 – the money the player 1 has
n2 = 1 000 000 – the money the player 2 has
P1 – the possibility of Player 1 being ruined
P2 – the possibility of Player 2 being ruined
p = 0.51 (51%) – Player 1 wins with each flip  with probability p
q = 1-p = 0.49 (49%) – Player 2 wins each flip  with probability q
The formula for probability of each ending penniless is:

We need to calculate  
Lets just calculate
Let t =
We use the natural logarithm function on both side so we have:
log t = log (
log t =
log t = -17374. 09606942270441076528039818
Lets use the inverse function of log (that is the definition of natural logarithm):
t =
t =
Lets get back to our formula:
P1 =
P1 =
P1 = 0,8187089153077668509543378319287

P2 =

=  1- 0,8187089153077668509543378319287
P2 = 0,1812910846922331490456621680713 or 82%

If you made it this far and understand it, congratulations you are officially a geek. You can now go back to scouring  Ebay for more stuff to add to your Dr. Who Memorabilia collection.


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How to get Paid to do Nothing – The Power of Compound Interest.

“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”. – Albert Einstein

(Photo: DanOrbit)

One of the most important things you need to know about investing and becoming rich is “Compound Interest”. It’s a concept that everyone thinks they understand but in reality do not.

Compound Interest is actually a very difficult concept to grasp because our brains are wired to think linearly not exponentially. For example, if I came to your house and gave you a magical rabbit that grows in size by a pound a day, how many days would it be until the rabbit becomes big enough to start creeping you out? You can quickly do the math in your head; say a rabbit weighs 5 pounds, so after 60 days the rabbit would be 65 pounds, so a rabbit no matter how cute being the size of a beer cooler starts to become creepy. The math and visualization for that problem is very easy for us to grasp since the growth is linear.

Now let’s try an exponential problem. Let’s say we take a football stadium and make it water tight and I kneel on the 50 yard line with an eye dropper and each minute double the amount of drops I put on the field, how long would it take me to fill up the whole stadium?

(Photo: Baardman)

Minute 1 = 1 drop from the eye dropper

Minute 2 = 2 drops from the eye dropper

Minute 3 = 4 drops from the eye dropper

Minute 4 = 8 drops from an eye dropper

….and so on.

(Photo: Rogue Soul)

At this rate how long would it take me to fill the whole stadium? Take a guess? A day, a month, a week? The answer is under 50 minutes. That’s right, starting with 1 drop from an eye dropped and doubling every minute you can fill up the whole football stadium with water in less than 50 minutes.

Now how long would it take to fill up all the world’s oceans? Take a guess. The answer is under 90 minutes. And a little over 90 minutes to fill up all the volume of the earth.

(Geek Alert: I show all the math here)

So if we start with one drop from an eye dropped and double the number of drops we would be able to fill up all the world’s oceans in less than 90 minutes. That is the power of compound interest, and as you can see it is very difficult for us to calculate and visualize it. But this is the most powerful tool in growing your wealth and becoming rich.

The secret to growing your wealth is putting as much money away as you can and not touching it and allowing it to grow with compound interest. The most amazing thing is that the longer you do nothing the more you are rewarded.

Let’s say we put away $10,000 and can grow it at 10% a year.

1 $10,000  
2 $11,000 $1,000
3 $12,100 $1,100
4 $13,310 $1,210
5 $14,641 $1,331
6 $16,105 $1,464
7 $17,716 $1,611
8 $19,487 $1,772
9 $21,436 $1,949
10 $23,579 $2,144

For doing absolutely nothing and leaving your money to grow you have more than doubled it. The beauty of it is that each year you get rewarded more and more for doing absolutely nothing. The first year you do nothing, you are rewarded $1000 but by year 10 you get paid $2144 for doing absolutely nothing. There are not very many things in life that allow you that luxury.

When I still had my day job, I was making average salary, living in a tiny 1 bedroom house where I was paying $640 a month rent, and driving a Hyundai Excel. Every 2 weeks when I got my paycheck my order of business was to write a check for half my salary to invest in an index fund and the other half I would deposit in my bank for expenses. I forced myself to live on 50% of my salary. Even if everything stayed the same in my life and I continued to make an average salary, I would still be rich today due to saving and compound interest. You do not need to be rich to become rich.

I am certainly not saying you need to deprive yourself of everything, but what I am saying is that everything you buy which depreciates in values is contrary to you becoming wealthy and you are either making your money grow or making it shrink.

Many people think that they will one day wake up and be rich and they keep waiting for that day which will turn it all around for them. In reality, most wealth is created by simply putting money away and allowing it to grow slowly, systematically and methodically. Overnight riches are extremely rare.

The longer you can put off instant gratification of being a consumer the easier it will be for you to become wealthy.

Even the big creepy rabbit, although probably lacking magical powers, agrees with me.

(Photo: Anomieus)


 Michael Page

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The Difference Between Good and Great – Seeing through the Matrix

“Fuck what you know. You need to forget about what you know, that’s your problem. Forget about what you think you know about life ” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

(Photo: Eneas)

Becoming rich for me was a lot easier than learning to become more social or making myself more attractive to women. But pretty quickly, I started to see striking similarities in the formula about becoming great with both. If you are great in any one area, you can be great in another. And if you are great in neither, you can become great in both, since the formula is the same. You just need to see the world in a way that most people do not. You just need to be able to see through the matrix.

If you can emulate what successful people do, you will be good; if you emulate how successful people think, you will be great.

So who is Great?

One thing I learned along my journey is that the people who I once thought were rich or great with women turned out to be completely different people, once I became rich and good with women. People tend to create their heroes based on their prism of reality. Once my reality changed, I soon started to see the vast difference between who I thought was great and who really is great.

For example, if we went into a restaurant or a party and I asked a typical person to pick out who the richest man in the crowd was, most would pick out the man who was the best dressed, who had the nicest watch, or had the nicest car. That’s the typical thinking of most people who do not have prosperity consciousness. To me, the guy with the best watch or best suit is an amateur. It usually is the person who wants everyone to believe he is rich. People like that tend to make decent money, but also spend a great deal of it keeping the illusion going. They are usually only one or two paychecks away from losing everything. That is not true wealth, that is what a poor man thinks a rich man should look and act like. The really rich person is the one who most will never spot in the room. It’s the person who wears average clothes, drives an average car, and has nothing to prove to the world or you. If you tend to think I am wrong, read The Millionaire Next Door, which profiles the typical millionaire and his or her lifestyle. You will find that most millionaires (especially self-made ones) are usually never easy to pick out from the crowd, and they never flaunt their money.

For example, if you did not know any better, who would you think is wealthier.

This guy?

(Photo: Bondidwhat?)

Or any of these guys?


The person in the top picture is most likely rich, but I am pretty certain that his wealth is probably not even one thousandth of the people above.

The same holds true for men who are really good with women. If you ask a typical man to pick out who in the crowd is best with women, they will usually pick out either the best-looking guy or the richest. In reality, the man who is great with women is not the best-looking one and almost never the richest. It is the guy who a typical man would never suspect. It is the guy who’s not trying at all; it’s the guy who has sexual confidence, who knows he can have whatever he wants but never seems like he is trying. These guys usually go completely under the radar of a typical man. As a matter of fact, the only people who can spot them are women; other guys are great with women and gay men who tend to be a lot more sexually aware. But to an average man, they are just another face in the crowd.

Here are the basic differences between people who are good and those who are great. As you can see the similarities are striking.


People who have slight or no abundance with money

People who have true abundance with money

People who have slight or no abundance with women

People who have true abundance with women

How do they talk? Tend to tell you how great their business is or what new item they purchased. Tend to talk more about how they are doing compared to what they are doing. Rarely talk about their success or wealth. Tend to talk about who they had sex with and about their love life more than the average person. Rarely if ever discuss their love life or success with women.
What does an average person see when they see them? A successful rich person. A confident, but average person. An outgoing confident guy who is either good-looking or rich. A confident, but average person.
How do they view prosperity and abundance? Something that they can talk about and show off. Reaffirms and keeps the illusion going. Just another thing that is expected. Something they can talk about to their friends. Reaffirms and keeps the illusion going. Just another thing that is expected.
More likely to lie about? More likely to lie about his wealth, what he is doing, and how successful he is. More likely to lie and underplay his wealth, what he is doing and his successes. More likely to tell you he had sex with someone, even if he did not. More likely to tell you that he did not have sex with someone, even if he did.


So moving forward, realize that people you might have been looking up to are not nearly as good as you think they are. For the most part, most people who are truly great are much easier to spot by other people who are very good in that area, but might appear completely average to a typical person. As you become better, you will start to see the difference between the good and the great a lot clearer.

Don’t model yourself after the good; model yourself after the great. And don’t worry about emulating what they do; that is not nearly as important as emulating how they think.

 Michael Page

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Money Is Not A Thing – It Is Energy That You Can Never Extinguish

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Albert Einstein

(Photo: Janie.Hernandez55)

For a lot of people when they think of money, they think of a thing or an object that gives them the ability to trade stuff for something that they want (buy stuff with it). But that is not the best way to view money. Money is not an object; it is energy. Once you can view money in a new light, it will help you form a better relationship with it. The reason most people are not wealthy is not because they are stupid or lazy, but because they have a wrong view on what money is and how it works. I want to change that.

Money is not a thing, which sits like a brick or an expensive ashtray; it’s a force which is always moving and always trying to make things happen to better people lives, even when you are not doing anything with it.

Let’s take a few examples, and I will show you how it works. Let’s say you have $100,000 that you can spend anyway you want. Let’s for the sake of this example leave out all the obvious productive ways in which you can spend that money (your education, helping a charity, investing, etc). Let’s try to find legal ways of spending it in a most unproductive and fruitless way, and I will show you that money never stops working even when you do nothing

  1. Spend it on something purely hedonistic and stupid: Let’s say you hired a person for a year at $100,000 to follow you around nine to five and translate everything you said into Pig Latin. No benefit is really gained here for society, but oddly, it brings you joy so you decide to do it. Let’s see how even in this case money is still working for good. In this case, the person who you hired to translate your every saying into Pig Latin will use that money to pay his or her bills, buy stuff for the family and enrich their lives. As you can see, even if you spend money in a dumb way, it eventually trickles down to someone who can do something good with it.
  1. Save it: Let’s say you take that $100,000 and put it in the bank and do nothing with it. Certainly from this point, you can say that your money is doing nothing but sitting in the bank aimlessly. But that is not true. The energy of money never stops. The bank will take the money you deposited and loan it to someone who will use it to invest in a possible new business venture, and create something with it, which will bring joy and provide a service in people’s lives. So money never stops working and never stops trying to better the lives of others.
  1. Get rid of it: Let’s say you decide to do something drastic and stupid with your $100,000. You take the money in bills and have a giant bonfire and burn it. By now, you can say to me that the money was an object, and now that object is gone. But even in this extreme case, the power of money really never stops, and even by burning up $100,000 in bills, the money is still a force which you can’t extinguish. This happens because by burning up $100,000 and taking $100,000 out of circulation, you just increased the value of everyone else’s money by that tiny bit. (In the same way, if you got rid of all the Van Gogh paintings but one, the value of that one surviving painting would go up.) In other words, the energy of that money automatically and invisibly transferred to the money of everyone else. So once again, you can see that money is a force not an immobile object.

I think this is a more accurate way to view money. It’s not an object which you possess, but it’s an energy which is always moving.

In the end, everything you own will belong to someone else; you are merely borrowing it for your lifetime as you can never fully posses anything. So view money from now on, not as an object, but as energy like the wind. It’s always moving. Your goal is to simply set up a windmill to capture its power, and just like the wind, you can’t fully posses it, but you can reap its benfits. The wind is neither good nor bad—it just is. So is money. Wind like money is everywhere, and your job is merely to capture its power, which is readily available. Having a negative view of money is like having a negative view of the wind. It’s incorrect and pointless.

The other flaw in people’s logic is that they think that by making money they are taking money from someone else who needs it more. This is not true at all, as I demonstrated earlier by you spending money even in dumb ways does not take away from someone else—it’s quite the opposite. If you set up a windmill to power your house, it does not really take away from someone else harvesting the wind on the other side of the planet to power their house.

Money is an endless energy like the wind—see it as such.

Try to take on this new way of viewing money, and your relationship with it will change for the positive. Money is an abundant energy which has no real owner and has the right to just as easily belong to you as to someone else. When you are creating a business or working, you are merely creating a windmill to capture its power. How big you build that windmill is up to you!

 Michael Page

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