Interview: Turn to Experts



(Photo: Smiling_Da_Vinci)


Daniel from Turn to Experts interviews me. Oct 2013.

8:15 – Why nobody in society talks about being great with women without needing money.

10:25 – Advice for guys just starting out. What advice I would give myself if I could go back in time.

14:25 – Practical things guys can do to become great with women.

18:45 – Why affirmations work.

24:00 – How the fear of heaving nothing keeps you from having everything.

34:20 – Mindset of successful people.

40:12 – Formula to be great with women and money.

50:32 – On getting great and losing friends.

53:45 – Money and happiness. Mistake most people who become rich make.

57:50 – My advice for starting a new business.


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