Money Is Not A Thing – It Is Energy That You Can Never Extinguish

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” – Albert Einstein

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For a lot of people when they think of money, they think of a thing or an object that gives them the ability to trade stuff for something that they want (buy stuff with it). But that is not the best way to view money. Money is not an object; it is energy. Once you can view money in a new light, it will help you form a better relationship with it. The reason most people are not wealthy is not because they are stupid or lazy, but because they have a wrong view on what money is and how it works. I want to change that.

Money is not a thing, which sits like a brick or an expensive ashtray; it’s a force which is always moving and always trying to make things happen to better people lives, even when you are not doing anything with it.

Let’s take a few examples, and I will show you how it works. Let’s say you have $100,000 that you can spend anyway you want. Let’s for the sake of this example leave out all the obvious productive ways in which you can spend that money (your education, helping a charity, investing, etc). Let’s try to find legal ways of spending it in a most unproductive and fruitless way, and I will show you that money never stops working even when you do nothing

  1. Spend it on something purely hedonistic and stupid: Let’s say you hired a person for a year at $100,000 to follow you around nine to five and translate everything you said into Pig Latin. No benefit is really gained here for society, but oddly, it brings you joy so you decide to do it. Let’s see how even in this case money is still working for good. In this case, the person who you hired to translate your every saying into Pig Latin will use that money to pay his or her bills, buy stuff for the family and enrich their lives. As you can see, even if you spend money in a dumb way, it eventually trickles down to someone who can do something good with it.
  1. Save it: Let’s say you take that $100,000 and put it in the bank and do nothing with it. Certainly from this point, you can say that your money is doing nothing but sitting in the bank aimlessly. But that is not true. The energy of money never stops. The bank will take the money you deposited and loan it to someone who will use it to invest in a possible new business venture, and create something with it, which will bring joy and provide a service in people’s lives. So money never stops working and never stops trying to better the lives of others.
  1. Get rid of it: Let’s say you decide to do something drastic and stupid with your $100,000. You take the money in bills and have a giant bonfire and burn it. By now, you can say to me that the money was an object, and now that object is gone. But even in this extreme case, the power of money really never stops, and even by burning up $100,000 in bills, the money is still a force which you can’t extinguish. This happens because by burning up $100,000 and taking $100,000 out of circulation, you just increased the value of everyone else’s money by that tiny bit. (In the same way, if you got rid of all the Van Gogh paintings but one, the value of that one surviving painting would go up.) In other words, the energy of that money automatically and invisibly transferred to the money of everyone else. So once again, you can see that money is a force not an immobile object.

I think this is a more accurate way to view money. It’s not an object which you possess, but it’s an energy which is always moving.

In the end, everything you own will belong to someone else; you are merely borrowing it for your lifetime as you can never fully posses anything. So view money from now on, not as an object, but as energy like the wind. It’s always moving. Your goal is to simply set up a windmill to capture its power, and just like the wind, you can’t fully posses it, but you can reap its benfits. The wind is neither good nor bad—it just is. So is money. Wind like money is everywhere, and your job is merely to capture its power, which is readily available. Having a negative view of money is like having a negative view of the wind. It’s incorrect and pointless.

The other flaw in people’s logic is that they think that by making money they are taking money from someone else who needs it more. This is not true at all, as I demonstrated earlier by you spending money even in dumb ways does not take away from someone else—it’s quite the opposite. If you set up a windmill to power your house, it does not really take away from someone else harvesting the wind on the other side of the planet to power their house.

Money is an endless energy like the wind—see it as such.

Try to take on this new way of viewing money, and your relationship with it will change for the positive. Money is an abundant energy which has no real owner and has the right to just as easily belong to you as to someone else. When you are creating a business or working, you are merely creating a windmill to capture its power. How big you build that windmill is up to you!

 Michael Page

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